Friday, July 5, 2019

So, whats been happening of late?(graphic novels)
I am taking matters into my own hands, as a self e-publisher, freelance artist, graphic artist, animator and video editor. My animation and editing experience came from University and Cine Group. I am putting some previous animation works onto timeline (Photoshop) I hope I can transfer that to here and other platforms for you to see.

After sending submissions to Arcana, Platinum Studios, Dark Horse, Marvel, Radio Comix, and CBR Comics, and doing several cons, waiting on recognition was no longer an option. I am in the process of self promoting on various platforms which I am putting together. I'll be updating my Deviant Art page, as well as Patreon. I'm close to completing 2 'no picture' books, as well as the children's book which will be going on E-bay and Amazon.

I will also be doing a motion comic for Blond World, how many chapters I have yet to decide. I have 3 chapters colorized. and am colorizing chapters 4 and 5. Whats new is another GN book called Sagant (Pronounced Say-Gent, as in Gentleman).   Below is Allura, a Demon who has been influencing and corrupting Disciple,. Whose Disciple? He's further down below, you can't miss him.

I put my animation experience into the still images I create for all GN works, illustrating motion in the characters. These 'busy' panels show the merging, i.e.; the painful birth of Sagant.

Sagant is about 2 personages one good, one evil, merged together into one being. This one being is Sagant. The electrical and purple smoke images illustrate the painful merging process.
His calling card says REPENT, he senses when people are about to do evil, he leaves them that card intending they regard it as a 'sign' to stop, get out of this, having a second chance. Very few listen. To those that didn't, he appears before them, warning them not to do it, or else deal with him. He can be etherial as well as a solid body, usually appearing as a Spector to be sure to get the persons attention, and make them aware of what he is, a Reaper, a Judge, a Harbinger, a Revenant, a Golem. Frequently this leads to scaring the pogees out of his would be victim, and blabs everything. Sagant learns who the people in charge are, as with the pawns, they all get the same card. Use your imagination to Finnish that thought.

There is a struggle between Ahmen and Disciple for control of Sagant. Ahmen is the other person who is part of Sagant, the force for good. They both have powers of the Priesthood, which was part of the reason they merged into a single being. The other reason is the Staff of Axiom. They were among the few surviving males on Triunity (Blond World) I'm writing that story now, which has to be seen prior to Sagant #1 I already have a storyline for Sagant which I'm colouring now.

The font I used for the dialogue does not exist in the computer I'm on posting this, so it substituted Comic Sans, my apologies.
One thing I haven't said about Blond World, due to my wanting readers to 'discover' these things as they read along, is that Earth Sheila lives in Montreal. Sheilas building..
Is a real building on the South Shore in Longueuil. It's a waterfront building, which faces Montreal across the South River Canal in St. Lambert. Its the last building on her street, which is true with the St. Lambert location I found. The area looks like what she could afford on her salary, and having a view of the city from her apartment was important, so this local was perfect! Being in Montreal, she works in the  
Montreal Stock Exchange Building. That black tower with whitish concrete Trim, thats what that building was known as in the  60's - 90ies, (2015 is when Sheila's story takes place in) I don't know if the building has a different name today, or what it's used for. 
Its hard to see, but the reflection in the window is Montreal, as seen from the South Shore for real. While I haven't been inside any apartments in that building to confirm what view actually is, this is a reasonable facsimile. More stories will show other places in Montreal, I'm an artist in and around the city, I should show it, its a cool city (**Ahem** Construction season notwithstanding) to be in.

Her work place is an amalgamation of the various offices I worked in, and her mates, are also blend of some people I've had the displeasure to work with. (From 2010 onward, I had no such people around me, thankfully! But before then,...) They're all here, stored in perfect ....ya. I've spent enough time talking about them. I have Macs in this office as the company she works for, Cosgrove Inc, is able to afford a Mac network, and I also prefer Mac's to PC's. 
Earth Sheila's life reflects the other Sheila's (Blonda) life, they both face a form of persecution for being Blond. This similarity is part of what links them together.  I didn't want to come forward with all this information originally as I wanted the curiosity factor to introduce the story elements to the reader as they read the books. A piece and slice of info here and there was to further entice, such as; But, are both real? is one Sheila ephemeral? Curiosity seems to be going the way of common sense, and the Dodo bird. You have to spell everything out these days,..wheres the fun in that? 

So, my Patreon page will provide Blond Worlds story details in an fuller introduction 

Its important to have humour in the bleak environment surrounding everything and every one. These moments in life, everyone has, but few appreciate the humour taking place around them, some can, I am one, and I write situations like this into the story.

So thats it for now, you're up to date, and my work goes on. I'll be posting again soon!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

So its been a while. Haven't appeared at any cons these last few years, busy with work, and other time consuming but worth while activities. Up until recently, I worked full time, I'm married, my wife is a social butterfly, and I am not, but we did go out and do some things during this time. Recently I am no longer working for anyone other than me. I am finally full time as an artist, writer, designer, videographer and editor. Before getting to whats been happening, I want to update the getting published aspect of this blog. This was to chronicle my efforts to get published. I approached this in a 'what's that? objective. A Black cover with just the title Blonde World, if I saw something like that, I'd pick it up to see what it was. Turns out most people are not as curious as I would have been. Later in the next post, I'll explain what Blond World is about. 

Times changed, and I am now actively beginning to self market on line. Before that, I decided to show you what my time has gone to, besides besides my job..

Designing T-Shirts, and printing them. These below were custom made at  clients request.

These are a line I'm creating called NoNex.

These are original designs I did as well,

As it turns out, I am illustrating a children's book for my wife Laurie. I'm posting some of the illustrations;

A few graphic art images I created, just because..(lol)

Look closely at the blue coloured image near the centre of the video box cover.

These are some events my wife and I participated in, a fund raiser we organized for the M.A.D. project, our name for it was Pay It Forward.

 This is a great friend we met in Vegas, Diane Hannegen who joined in with us in this charity, she put ALOT of effort into this!
Yes, thats Donny Osmond, he is the one who started the M.A.D. (Make A Difference) program My wife and I and Diane, and April Kelly (in Montreal) were part of. We were in the 1st group of 10,...madders? (lol) I had the misfortune of being where Donny decided to stop, after explaining we on stage were to describe what our charity event was, and how we were going to set it up. He stopped abruptly, handed me the mic and said 'GO!" face doesn't show it but PANIC was on my mind)
Then the next year we came back to Vegas and reported on how our efforts paid off.

I was the only one who memorized what I was going to say (I had the paper in my hand, did not need to use it. Someone in Mauve and glasses seemed to have noticed that, lol)

Another friend of ours is one the other side of Donny, Lezhai Gulbransen, very prominent in fund raising with MAD and other Osmond charities.

We were part of the first M.A.D. group at a Donny Osmond Vegas weekend Fans Social Gathering, we raised money for this charity

 I designed the ad posters, as well as washed ALOT of cars.

This is a youtubevideo my wife and I made promoting M.A.D.PayItForward, with the participation from many of our friends.

Also in Vegas;
I got to meet Marie, Far Out! I said this was the best seat in the house, which made her laugh.

This amazing man needs no introduction, my wife got a photo with him.

My family and I were called up as being extras for a 1hr Joseph smith movie, shot in Upper Canada Village.

 Laurie and My Daughter Katrina
Getting 'clean dirt' make up.
This is the Actor who played Joseph

Just a few of the things we did.